Endevor Element Versioning and Element delta Retention by AGE

Document ID : KB000027041
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Endevor r12 included two enhancements for element levels: Automatic Element Versioning and Element Delta Retention by Age. You can now keep up to 9996 delta levels and specify how long (up to 999 months) you want to retain levels. Both enhancements may help you to meet regulatory requirements.

Automatic Element Versioning

The limit on delta levels is increased to 9996. Previously, the limit was 99. The delta level is now identified by both the version number and the level number. When an element level reaches 99, the addition of new level automatically rolls over to increase the version number. For example, when an element with a version and level of 01.99 is updated, the result is 02.00.

Element Delta Retention by Age

The Aged Delta Retention option lets the administrator set the number of months that delta levels are retained. The retention limit is 999 months. This option is inactive by default and is set on each system definition in foreground or batch. It can be set for elements, components, or both, and overrides any consolidation levels set on the type definitions associated with that system. This method is invoked only at the end of the mapped system location route.

When auto age level retention is set, change levels for all types in the system expire after the number of months specified on the system definition. The base element or component is rebuilt to reflect the changes from the deleted levels, with the base delta version and level numbers set to the last discarded version and level. For reverse and full image deltas, change levels that expire are dropped. For forward deltas, change levels that expire are incorporated into the base.

System Aged Delta Utility--After you set retention limits in the system definitions, you can force System Aged Delta management on elements and components, by using the Aged Managed Delta utility. This lets you clean up delta levels that are expired according to the retention limit you set in the system definitions. Removal only occurs if the element or components is at its end of route location.