END of Workflow remains in "Waiting for predecessor" status

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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END of a Workflow remains in "Waiting for predecessor" status.

In the Workflow (WF) displayed below, although the last job in it (180635356) ended at about 19:44, the complete WF never came to an end as the END object remained in "Waiting for predecessor" status.



At about 23:11 the WF was set to ENDED_OK. Because of this, other WFs were delayed.


Objects are in the Test-WF.xml file, which is attached.
  1. Start JAC#JOBP.TOP.01
  2. Job JAC#JOBS.01 runs "ping -n 50 localhost" on Host NB000501_WS10_WX6_01. To get an ENDED_LOST statis, kill the Agent, deleted temp files and started it again. Now, job JAC#JOBS.01 ends with ENDED_OK and is blocking the WF as shown below: 0EMb0000000HmXw.png
  3. JAC#JOBP.03 is set to inactive.
  4. JAC#JOBP.02 is started with "Go immediately" and runs ok.
  5. Afterwards see: 0EMb0000000HmY6.png
  6. Now JAC#JOBP.04 does not start, though it should according to the properties.0EMb0000000HmYB.png. JAC#JOBP.03 is inactive and JAC#JOBP.02 is ENDED_OK, but JAC#JOBP.04 is still "Waiting for predecessor".
  7. Start JAC#JOBP.04 with "Go immediately" and it runs ok.
  8. The END-object remains in a "Waiting for predecessor" status and the complete WF does not come to an end.0EMb0000000HmYG.png

Cause type:
By design
Root Cause: The behavior described is correct. Note that you have set JAC#JOBS.03 is inactive but the path has not been executed because of the break point.
Either remove the blocker or delete the line between JAC#JOBS.01 and JAC#JOBS.03.

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