Encoding Problem with URL Containing Spaces

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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An unauthenticated user is clicking on a URL link that contains spaces.  When the user returns from authenticating via html forms, the user receives a 404 error.

All currently supported Web Agent releases on all web servers and platforms.

Whenever the Web Agent generates a redirect, such as when redirecting a user for authentication, the agent needs to encode any special characters in the original Target URL such as a space to assure the URL does not become altered during the series of redirects.  The Web Agent has two different encoding algorithms it can use to do this via the LegacyEncoding Agent Configuration Object parameter, but the two algorithms are not compatible with one another.  


All agents participating in a single sign on environment need to use the same URL encoding algorithm and thus the same LegacyEncoding Agent Configuration Object parameter setting. 

Additional Information:

Here is the LegacyEncoding Agent Configuration Object parameter description from the Web Agent Configuration Guide:

Forces the agent to replace any dollar sign ($) characters in legacy URLs with a hyphen (-). Doing this also ensures backwards comparability with MSR, Password Services, and DMS. When this parameter is set to no, the agent converts the string $SM$ to -SM-. When this parameter is set to yes, the agent does not convert the dollar sign ($) character.


Please note that most Web Agents default to No when this parameter is not set, however, older agents known as non-Framework agents, such as the agent for Domino, default to Yes when this parameter is not set.  If there is any question as to what setting any particular agent may be defaulting to, simply set the parameter explicitly to remove any doubt.