Empty response on trying to retrieve the client_id with the LoginAPI

Document ID : KB000124063
Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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Step 1 of  https://docops.ca.com/ca-api-developer-portal-enhanced-experience/4-2/en/publishers/login-api should be run to collect the client_id
The curl command should be
curl -k https://<portalhost>:8443/login/application/apim

When running this the answer received is
{ "apikey": "", "scope": "" }
instead of the expected client_id.

The endpoint  '/login/application/<tenant_id>'  of the loginapi was meant to be used for 'dev console applications'.
We no longer provision a dev console application by default.  

If a user wants to use one, the admin needs to login and create an application on apim called "DeveloperConsole for <tenantId>".   Set it to have a scope of public id.   

Otherwise a developer user can proceed without this step and continue with Step 2 as long as someone has given them a client id to use