Empty Last Executed or Last Run date

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Problem :

Some machines have an empty value for "Last executed" or "Last Run" date. Consequence of this is the deletion of the machines if a Obsolete Computer Policy is activated.
ITCM Agent on the machines is working fine so why Last executed date is empty ?



This problem could occur if there are 2 or more Engines collecting the same Scalability Server Job at the same time.
Example :
There are 2 Engines : Engine1 and Engine2. These Engines execute a Collect job for the same Scalability Server.
Engine1 has job "SS Collect 1"
 Engine 2 has job "SS Collect 2"



"Scala Collect 1" collects all tasks except Backup :



"Scala Collect 2" collects only Backup task :



During execution of Scalability Collect job, files *.T-S located under <DSM Path>\ServerDB\SECTOR\T-STAMP\00000001 are collected.
If Engine1 and Engine2 are collecting the same scalability servers at the same time a conflict could occur during collect of files *.T-S and a query like below is executed : 
update ca_agent set last_run_date=0 ...
Files *.T-S are collected when at least one task (except Asset Registration) is selected.

If the Collect job has only "Asset Registration" selected, the files *.T-S are not collected by this job and so there is no conflict problem with the job.




- Group all tasks inside the same Scalability Collect job (Asset Registration task could be put in a separate job without problem).
- Link all collect jobs of the Scalability Server to the same Engine
- Specify the scheduling options of the jobs in order to avoid concurrent execution of the Scalability Server collect jobs at the same time by 2 differents Engine.
Example :
"Scala Collect 1" is executed between 06:00 and 23:00
"Scala Collect 2" is executed between 00:00 and 05:00