EMCtrl.sh status indicates running. However, EM was already stopped at that time

Document ID : KB000112170
Last Modified Date : 03/09/2018
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"EMCtrl.sh status" was executed. At that time EM had already stopped.
But the following message was output.
./EMCtrl.sh status: Enterprise Manager (pid 37640) already running
What is the reason?

It can be confirmed that EM is stopped during the time when "./EMCtrl.sh status" is executed. Because the EM log is not output until that time is restarted.


Looked at the end of EM log, but EM was not stopped normally. Therefore, it is considered that "EMCtrl.sh stop" is not executed correctly.

If the em.pid file of EM_HOME exists.
"EMCtrl.sh stop" has not ended normally.

In this case, "EMCtrl.sh status" displays running.

Please confirm that "EMCtrl.sh stop" can be executed normally.