Emails were delayed approx. 30 minutes

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Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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Emails were delayed approx. 30 minutes.

UIM 8.x;
Emailgtw probe: 2.82.

The bypass_lookup key would prevent emailgtw probe from referencing the user accounts in UIM.


Follow the below step:-

-  Change the following in Raw Configure of emailgtw probe:

- Go to the setup and change the bypass_lookup = yes (if there's no such key, just add it)

- Deactivate and Activate the emailgtw probe

This will increase processing speed of emails significantly

Note - emails may not match exact times since the AO profile is set to on_overdue age 30s + emailgtw is thus set to send emails every 5 minutes.

You may see a five and a half minute to six minute delay per alarm.

Additional Information:

The Nimsoft Alarm Server (nas) can be set up to send alarms to the emailgtw probe.