EM to DM Replication Problem for Custom Created Software Signature

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Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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Some custom softwares created at Enterprise level are not replicated to the Domains.

Following error appears in the Engine logs :
2018-06-01 21:50:07 Download - Replication Job Done. Warning: though the job was completed, an error occurred: A database constraint violation error occurred for table: ca_software_def. Please examine the log file for more details

ERROR  | cReplicationJob::DoTableUpdateInsertRow failed to execture db command pointer

ERROR  | GetActionOnError: MS SQL dbErrCat=-3, dbDetailedError=-6, errorInfo=ADO Version 6.3 - ExecuteCommandPointer  -COM Error: ErrorCode:-2147217873,WordErrorCode:3119, IDispatch error #3119, The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "$ca_so_r000004cf00000000". The conflict occurred in database "mdb", table "dbo.ca_company", column 'company_uuid'., Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0, (null)

ERROR  | SetIntermediateStatus2: Download: A database constraint violation error occurred for table: ca_software_def

ERROR  | DoTableUpdate - DB Constraint violated, record marked for later replication rc=[0] sql=[insert into ca_software_def (sw_def_uuid,name,sw_version_label,language,creation_user,creation_date,last_update_user,last_update_date,sw_version_number,replication_flag,software_type_id,source_type_id,description,manufacturer_uuid,bit_support_id,chip_set_id,domain_uuid,impact,severity,is_active,no_longer_available,family_sw_def_uuid,lang_code,class_id,linear_sequence_number,filter_from_view,drcs_content_type_id,requires_review,unsealed) values (?,?,?,?,?,1527882427,?,1527882427,'00001000000000000000',NULL,3,2,?,?,?,?,?,NULL,NULL,1,NULL,?,?,NULL,NULL,0,0,NULL,NULL)]


This problem occurs if the custom Software is linked to a manufacturer of type "Heuristic'

Example :
This custom created release is linked to Manufacturer 'VideoLAN'
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But VideoLAN is a heuristic Manufacturer
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As heuristic manufacturer is not replicated from Enterprise to Domains, the replication of this release is not possible and gives an error.


This SQL Query could be executed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to find the custom Software products and releases linked to a heuristic Manufacturer :
use mdb

SELECT name, sw_version_label, company_name, 
CASE d.software_type_id
  WHEN 3 THEN 'Product'
  WHEN 8 THEN 'Release'
END 'Software Type'
FROM ca_software_def d, ca_company c 
WHERE d.domain_uuid=(SELECT domain_uuid FROM ca_n_tier WHERE domain_type=1) 
and (d.source_type_id=2 or d.source_type_id=6 and d.software_type_id in (17,18)) 
and d.manufacturer_uuid=c.company_uuid and c.source_type_id=3

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With the list returned by this query, update the manufacturer of product or relase in DSM GUI to a another non heuristic manufacturer