EM query wizard creates EM groups as local and not global groups

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Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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Using Query Wizard in DSM Explorer on the Enterprise Manager (EM) creates groups as local groups, not global groups with the red 'replication' icon.

This happens because computer groups generated with the Wizard in the 'Queries' section of DSM Explorer, generate items with a 'group_flag' value of '0' instead of '1' when generating a new entry in the table 'CA_GROUP_DEF' in the MDB database.

You can verify this on the SQL/ORACLE side by running the following query and comparing items with 'Group_Flag' set to '0' with the corresponding items in DSM Explorer as well as items with a 'Group_Flag' value of '1'.

use mdb;
select label, group_flag from ca_group_def;

Any ITCA / ITCM / DSM CA Client Automation Installation with an Enterprise Manager and connected Domains
Code Bug
T5IZ399 can be applied to the Enterprise Server (ES)** which will ensure all groups created in the future will generate properly.

You can manually fix all existing groups on the ES with this query*:

Update Ca_Group_Def set group_flag=1 where group_flag = 0 and group_uuid not in (select group_uuid from ca_group_def where label like '$%');

*This query should ONLY ever be run on an Enterprise and NEVER on a Domain Manager
**ES and EM are different abbreviations for the same Enterprise Server/Manager system.