EKG Key Expiration Warning Message

Document ID : KB000018189
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When EKG Key expiration warning message will appear.


While an EKG Key is valid for 10 days, the expiration warning message will display 1 day prior to the EKG Key expiration. The warning message which will be displayed is the following:

Product (xx) usage allowed by EKG. Expiration begins in 1 day.

If a second EKG Key must be applied to extend the EKG period for another 10 days, this key may now be applied. Replace the original EKG Key with the new one and run the appropriate EKG procedure as documented in the CA Common Services Administration Guide.

An EKG key is generated with a specific "START DATE". Therefore an EKG key cannot be loaded prior to the defined date.

An EKG key is not product specific and superceeds any individually defined product LMP keys. When an EKG code expires any valid product specfic LMP keys that were loaded will be validated when a product license check is made.

At the end of the EKG period or when new LMP keys are obtained, the EKG Key should be removed from the KEYS file. Once an EKG code is activated it cannot be removed from the system without an IPL. A subsequent IPL without a defined EKG key will cause the LMP Keys to revert to the keys listed in the CAW0OPTN(KEYS) member.