EiamAdmin user is missing from CA Directory

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In some rare cases you may find that the EiamAdmin user is no longer available in CA Directory.

This may come up when you try to register an application to EEM or maybe you just tried to log in to EEM and you are unable to. In this case you might normally then follow the knowledge article TEC562210 to reset the EiamAdmin password. During the course of performing those steps, you find once logged in to CA Directory using Jxplorer, the EiamAdmin user does not exist.

The following are steps to restore this user.

1. Copy the following into a text file

dn: cn=EiamAdmin,cn=Admins,cn=Entities,cn=iTechPoz
cn: EiamAdmin
objectClass: pozObject
pozClass: O_E_U
pozId: 11132
pozLink: cn=EiamAdmin, cn=Admins, cn=Entities, cn=iTechPoz
pozLocation: /iTechPoz/Entities/Admins
pzUserName: EiamAdmin
userPassword: {SSHA512}FwBAh/arhNlQ1VD9Hl5OY0Po+LlLSK/Q8dd8dJIhx6/UPDFBEGoUCYQGF
pzModifyTimestamp: 20150803210700
pozGeneration: 2
pzPasswordDigest: {SSHA512}FwBAh/arhNlQ1VD9Hl5OY0Po+LlLSK/Q8dd8dJIhx6/UPDFBEGoUC
pzPasswordChangeDate: 1438636020


Name this file  "file.ldif" (no quotes, and make sure the extension is ldif and NOT .txt) 


2. Open a command window and navigate to the location where you saved the file.ldif, then run the following command

dxmodify -a -h <hostname>:509 -f file.ldif

This will load the EiamAdmin user information into the CA Directory database. 


3. After you do this, from a command line run the following

dxserver init itechpoz


4. Using TEC562210 as a guideline, update the EiamAdmin user's password. Just double click on the userPassword field



You should now be able to log back in to EEM as the EiamAdmin user, with the password you just created.