eHealth polling is turned off, but Service Availability (SA) element still shows data in Aview (Legacy KB ID CNC TS15572 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Problem: Although polling is turned off, SA elements still show data


Causes:When configuring a Response Path within eHealth against a SystemEDGE agent with the SA AIM installed, all the eHealth console is doing is just adding that test to the SA AIM on the SystemEDGE agent. Once added, eHealth is no longer part of the equation and the SA AIM is the component responsible for performing the test. At that point, eHealth involvement in the state of the path element ceases and eHealth goes back to the normal responsibility of polling elements.

All eHealth does after the response path creation is poll the index in the agent MIB that represents that particular test on the system in question, then store the data presented to it by the target agent.

Since the SA AIM assumes responsibility for the test, merely turning off polling of the SA element in the eHealth poller will not cause the SA element to stop collecting data. The SA AIM on the agent side will still collect data for the path using the configured test. Turning off polling in eHealth will only cause eHealth to stop requesting the data from the agent. The SA element will still show data for any other management tool that maintains contact with the element, such as AdvantEDGE View.

Aview will continue to show data for the response path UNLESS the state of the response path is set to a state that stops execution of the configured test, such as 'notInService' or 'destroy'. Setting the state to 'destroy' would delete the entry entirely.

Resolution: In order to stop monitoring the response path with Aview, the monitoring process must be disabled through aview at the same time the polling is turned off on the response element. 

To disable:
- Go to the web console and select the Aview tab
- On the left hand pane, select Process Monitoring
- Select the System under the Systems parameter
- Click the wrench icon to open the Process Monitoring table window
- Click on the modify link for the response path in the "Process Monitor Table Information" page
- In the "Modify Process Monitor" page, choose the "notInService" option from the RowStatus parameter
- Click modify

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