eHealth Install fails due to Reported lack of Disk Space. LCF-00300 (Legacy KB ID CNC TS23383 )

Document ID : KB000052002
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If the following error message is received during an eHealth install using an LCF generated by eHealth 6.0 Sizing Wizard, check the following LCF file entries:

CfgPercentCapacityReserveWeb       =   50          # default: 25%
CfgPercentCapacityReserveDb         =   50          # default: 20%


Setting these values back to the default will allow the install to complete.  Alternatively, you can run the setup with the -noCheck option to bypass install checking.

Unix: INSTALL.SH -noCheck

Win: Setup.exe -noCheck

Related Issues/Questions:
eHealth Install fails due to Reported lack of Disk Space
Error: "LCF-00300: ran out of space on c3t0d1s0 while placing 934M /u03/oradata/EHEALTH/NH_DATA02a.dbf"

Problem Environment:
eHealth 6.0
Solaris 2.9

Causes of this problem:
When using the sizing wizard make sure the PercentCapacityReserveDb value is not set above the (Available Disk Space + PercentCapacityReserveDb)

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS23383 )