eHealth Environment Variables

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to Set or Change eHealth Environment Variables - UNIX



eHealth environment variables are stored and read from resource files within the $NH_HOME directory. Changes should be made to the file as well as to the relevant .usr file for the user's shell. The main shell resource file (, nethealthrc.csh, nethealthrc.ksh ) will automatically source the applicable .usr file when that file is sourced. The variable settings in the .usr files will overwrite the settings from the master files.

Change must always be made to the file as well as the user's shell specific nethealthrc.* file as the eHealth console will source the file at startup.

Syntax for the variable settings in the *.usr file must match the source file for that shell. For example, use the syntax detailed in the file when adding an environmental variable modification to the file.

For example, to set the variable NH_EXAMPLE to "yes" for a user in the C-Shell, the following modifications should be made:

To the file:


To the nethealthrc.csh.usr file:

setenv NH_EXAMPLE "yes"

After modifying the variable settings:

1. Stop the eHealth server
2. Quit the eHealth console
3. source the shell applicable nethealthrc.* file
4. Restart the eHealth server and console