eHealth Discovery did not Complete. No log Result for DCI Merge

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Last Modified Date : 07/09/2018
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If  there are two devices which have exact configuration on the network which are part of primary/secondary - primary/failover devices, after discovering one of the devices and having it saved to the eHealth configuration discovery of the second one results in the elements associated with the first device being updated instead of creating a new set of elements for the second device.

This will parameter on the discovery policy should only be use as need as it ignores the ifIpAddress table and Mac address during the eHealth merging process.


When trying to merge the discover data in a dci file to the eHealth database, the merge generates duplicate errors even on a freshly installed eHealth system:


DccAgent: duplicate Physical Addresses detected - 00:00:00:00:00:00 (Example Address)
DccAgent: duplicate Physical Addresses detected - 00:00:00:00:00:00 (Example Address)


eHealth 6.2.x
All supported platforms


It could be that the device is in a cluster running VM with multiple IPs and using the same NIC interface.

Warning: Invalid discover policy name 'Naming'.
Warning: Duplicate devices in configuration:

eHealth generated a log file (name: '/opt/ehealth/log/discoverInteractive.12.21.2012.114101.log'). Example:

Error: Invocation of command 'nhiDciMerge' failed.


  1. In OneClilck, go to the Policy in use
  2. Add the following parameter:

  3. Save the changes
  4. Rediscover the device system.

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