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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What are eHealth DCI (.dci )files

Data Configuration Information (DCI) files are normally generated by the discover process or when modifications are made to the poller configuration. They can also be manually created to import configuration information directly into the eHealth database bypassing the discover or poller modification processes.

A DCI file is a text file that defines the elements which eHealth will collect data for an ultimately report on. After the DCI file has been created, the $NH_HOME/bin/nhConfig utility is used to import the configuration information in the DCI file to the Network Health poller configuration and database. The DCI file format allows the user to assign elements to groups as well as define relationships (associations) among elements.

File format: The file begins with a Header and may include the following (see $NH_HOME/sys/stdHeader.dci):

- GlobalInfo
- Elements
- ElementGroups
- Associations
- Operations

The $NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhiTstDdiFile and $NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhiListDdiFile tools can be utilized to view and verify a DCI file.



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