EE_POZERROR Repository errors in the event_demon log

Document ID : KB000026840
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There is a performance issue that affects cache updates when there are more than 100 policies in EEM.

Within the event_demon log the following EEM error messages will appear:

ERROR: 0x00000016? Safe::Cache::threadLoop: error EE_POZERROR Repository Error?
while checking for notify event 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Safe::Error EE_POZERROR Repository Error 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Sponsor Error: ISE_FORBIDDEN have authentication credentials, 
but not authorized 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Debug: Info Error: PozError 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Debug: PE_SPONSORERROR iSponsor Error 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Debug: pozFactory::checkForNotify: error invoking iPoz::CheckForNotify 
on host autopstmp1d 
ERROR: 0x00000016? Debug: bad credentials 



Autosys 11.0.x

EEM 8.x

Platform: any



To resolve the issue perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to the EEM Web Interface and login to the UnicenterAutoSysJM Application Instance as 'EiamAdmin'.

  2. Go to the Configure tab.

    Under Applications -

    Select the UnicenterAutoSysJM Application Instance link.

  3. On the right-hand side, change the Cache Update Time to a value less than 24 hours in seconds

    (EX: 18 hours = 18*60*60= 64800 seconds).

  4. Restart the Scheduler and Application Server.