EEM Reporting tool causing tmp directory to fill up with audit log files

Document ID : KB000100938
Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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After installing the eem_reporting_service and  eem_reporting_client  the tmp directory is at 100% capacity.
The files are prefixed with "audit".
How can eem reporting be configured to not retain these log files such that they fill up the filesystem?
1- stop the eem reporting service via the following: 

2- vi /opt/CA/SharedComponents/conf/service.xml 
<param name="deleteprocessed" value="false" /> 
to read 
<param name="deleteprocessed" value="true" /> 
SAVE the file 

3- remove the audit* files from your /tmp directory. 

4- start the eem reporting back up via the following. 

Using the above configuration will have the EEM reporting tool automatically remove the audit* log file(s) after then have been processed.