EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication FailedISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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EEM is up and running with no errors, however; ServiceDesk eem authentication users can't login into SD, and logs show the following error:

01/03 10:36:55.25 CASD1234    bopauth_nxd          3920 ERROR        eiamAuth.c             457 Error authenticating user: 'xxxx' - EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication FailedISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running


One of solution that you may come across with the wrong eem hostname as per: TEC616040

However, if that tech document checks out to be correct. The other possible cause is igateway port is blocked or changed. The default igateway port is 5250. On the eem side you can review igateway.conf to see the port is changed or not. If it changed or not, please review from ServiceDesk server the port is open. You can run a simple telnet test from ServiceDesk server pinging the eem server with the igateway port.

from ServiceDesk server command line

telnet EEM_SEREVER_IPS_ADDRESS igateway_port

telnet 5250

If it returns with blank screen, the connection is  successful. If it returns with the following message:

"Connecting to not open connection to the host on port 5250: Connect Failed"

This means connection could not be established with the provided port. This can be cause of firewall or the port not open. Thus causing the above error in ServiceDesk.