EBC/XMS CICS asm/link of BROSXCTR receives RC=08 and ASMA043E Previously defined symbol error

Document ID : KB000123982
Last Modified Date : 27/12/2018
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I received the following assembly errors during installation of the EBC/XMS EBCXMCTR usermod (BROSXCTR) for CICS: 

Statements Flagged 
0 155(L6:EBCXMTRN,247) 

1 Statement Flagged in this Assembly 8 was Highest Severity Code 

0002D8 0000000000000000 154+ DC XL8'00' **** RESERVED *** 01-EBCXM 
002E0 155+CTR_END EQU * 01-EBCXM 

** ASMA043E Previously defined symbol - CTR_END 
** ASMA435I Record 247 in INST.SAR.R14.CVDEMAC(EBCXMTRN) on volume: 123456 
- A review of the customers assembly output shows 2 occurrences of the CTR_END symbol as well as 2 occurrences of the TYPE=GEN statement. 
- The version of the EBCXMCTR source provided with release 14.0 of CA View only has a single TYPE=GEN statement at the bottom, just prior to the END statement. 

There should only be a single TYPE=GEN statement used during the assembly.
Client had overlooked the second TYPE=GEN statement that they had accidentally coded in the EBCXMCTR source they used for the assembly.
Once the duplicate TYPE=GEN statement was removed, the BROSXCTR job to install the usermod ran with RC=00 and both the assembly and installation of the usermod was successful.