Easy Way to Toggle or Switch between CA View All mode and CA View EXPO mode to execute the JB command to Reprint Bundles

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Are you tired of typing MODE EXPO to switch to EXPO mode so that the JB command can be typed on the command line to bring up the list of bundles available for reprint?

Your User Profile in CA View must be set up to allow you to switch between modes.

Using PFKEYS in CA View will streamline the process of switching back and forth between your current mode and the EXPO mode.


Client says: "I tried changing to EXPO mode and JB works. But all our ID's have ALL mode as default. It will be troublesome for us to change to EXPO before doing bundle reprint and change back to ALL mode afterwards. If there's any exit or way we can use to enable JB in ALL mode kindly let us know."


To check your User Profile perform ONE of the following two steps:

  1. Run SARBCH /LIST User=* to list the user profile of each user in your shop.

  2. Verify that the access fields have a Y in the Figure 1 column for each user
    SARBCH Listing                                          --- Last Access ---                                                             AEESS Sel Userid   Password Date       Time      M  L   O O    Mode        USER01      07/29/2011      14:49:28   N     YYNNN   ALL           USER02      08/18/2011      10:25:34   Y     YYNNN   ALL    ******************************* Bottom of Data ***************


  3. Logon to CA View to check the users' profiles. Type DEF USER on the command line and press Enter

    Figure 2

    The following screen will be displayed. Verify that the access fields have a Y in the Figure 1 column for each user.

    Figure 3

    Issue the KEYS command on the Primary Selection Panel and press Enter.

    Figure 4

    The following screen will be displayed.

    Figure 5

    Change PF12 to execute the MODE EXPO command

    Figure 6

    Press Enter to display the alternate keys.

    Figure 7

    Change PF24 to execute the MODE ALL command.

    Figure 8

    PF3 out of CA View and then logon again. You should be able to toggle or switch between EXPO and ALL modes using PF12 and PF24 keys.

    Note: Any of the PF keys can be used.