Are there limitations to using the versions of EARL and Easytrieve delivered with Common Services when compared to the full product versions?

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Last Modified Date : 14/09/2018
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Batch jobs for Earl and/or Easytrieve can be run from either the Common Services r14.1 libraries or the product libraries themselves.  EARL is distributed with Common Services r14.1 while EASYTRIEVE is no longer included as part of Common Services but an older release has been in the past.  .  
I've seen that EARL has been distributed with several releases of Common Services and also found the Common Services r14.1 documentation refers to a limited version of EASYTRIEVE.  What are the limitations to the EARL and EASYTRIEVE products that are included in the CCS product? Should I be using the explicit product libraries for EARL and EASYTRIEVE? 
Common Services for z/OS r14.1 running in conjunction with EARL r6.1 and/or EASYTRIEVE r11.6.
EARL has been stabilized for a while and the release sent with Common Services is the same as the full release of the product itself, release 6.1. This is distributed in the LEGACY pax file for Common Services r14.1 and it is the same release of EARL that has been sent with Common Services r 11, r12.0, r14.0, and of course, r14.1. The only supported release of Common Services is 14.1.  So for this product, it really doesn't make a difference which library is used. 
However, Easytrieve is slightly different. Up until r 14.1 of Common Services, Easytrieve release 6.4 was distributed with CCS release 11, 12, and 14.0. However, Easytrieve is no longer distributed with Common Services beginning with r14.1. The current release of Easytrieve is r11.6 which is distributed in it's own pax file. 
With Easytrieve r11.6, however, there are two flavors of the product. A fully licensed version with it's own LMP key and a restricted version that works only with Common Services. If the full product LMP key is not installed, this product operates in a CCS-restricted manner. CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator Release 11.6 PTFs RO42229, RO42230, and RO42231 must be applied for the common service functionality to work. If you have an active CA Easytrieve Report Generator Release 11.6 license, you do not need to install the copy that is packaged with CCS. All product functionality is available.
   If you have both sets of libraries and Easytrieve is licensed for the full product, use the actual product libraries for both EARL and EASYTRIEVE.  
Additional Information:
Please refer to the CA Common Services r14.1 documentation wiki for the discussion on the use of Easytrieve.