E2E probe - Need an alarm to be generated based on Performance Threshold values in Excel

Document ID : KB000115378
Last Modified Date : 19/09/2018
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We are trying to use the e2e probe to measure some time value then compare that to a value in an Excel spreadsheet (this is the threshold) and,
depending on whether the time value is higher/equal to or lower, generate an alarm.
How would we achieve this ?
The basic calls in the script would be as follows:

qostime = nimQoSGetTimer()/1000
if qostime >= Val(Thres$(2)) then
do some work 
nimalarm(5,"Value greater than or equal to threshold")
do some other work
nimalarm(1,"Value less than threshold")


ReadExcel specifies the path to the Excel spreadsheet.
Sheet2! identifies the sheet (if there are more than one)
F2:H2 identifies values from Row 2 columns F through to H
Thres$ is an array in which to hold the cell values

The subsequent compare then uses the second value from the array to compare against.