e2e_appmon probe - script is not resolving password from nimGetEnv()

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Last Modified Date : 24/09/2018
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e2e_appmon probe - script is not resolving password from nimGetEnv()
How can we encrypt the password string in our script?
e2e_appmon 2.40
UIM 8.51
In at least one customer case, the script was being launched from the Nimsoft recorder.
The code used a method call:
varPass$ = nimGetEnv$("pswd","wrongPassword")
This code puts the value of the "pswd" environment variable specified on the e2e_appmon probe.
e2e_appmon probe IM console configuration for encrypted password

The customer was launching the script from the "Nimrecorder".
Since it was not being launched from the probe, the environment variable was lost.
So, the call defaults to the second string passed to "nimGetEnv":
varPass$ = nimGetEnv$("pswd","wrongPassword")
The script must be run from the probe in order to resolve the environment variable using the "Start At Once".
For example:
IM console config for e2e_appmon probe start at once

There are two methods to put an encrypted password in the script.
Above shows a method on how to do this through the probe environment variable.

Another method is to use the method in Nimrecorder to encrypt a string.
User-added image

User-added image

and in your script:
varPass$ = "PTNjSKHbHj80viwRX4sdTigdk+270m3"
and passing it to the form:
WriteHTMLEncrypted("INPUT PASSWORD[NAME= '_58_password']", varPass$)