E03020690: Cannot merge item <file> because its parent path on trunk was removed

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Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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When trying to Cross Project Merge a package to the production we got an error message: 
----------Begin <Cross Project Merge> Process ----------
E03020690: Cannot merge item <file name> because its parent path was removed.
E03060019: Process execute failed.  Process name: Cross Project Merge
----------End <Cross Project Merge> Process ----------
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This is happening because a folder in the source project is "D"-tagged and this same folder in the target project is not, and contains files that would become invisible.

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There are a few choices for how to resolve this problem:
  1. In the Source project, use "Delete Version" to delete the "D"-tagged version of the parent folder.
  2. In the Source project, use "Create Path" to create again the parent folder that was "D"-tagged.
  3. In the Target project, use "Remove Path" to "D"-tag the corresponding folder and all its contents.
  4. In the Target project, use "Delete Version", "Remove Item", or "Move Item" to delete or "D"-tag the files that would become invisible, or move them to another folder.
Additional Information:
The new "Cross Project Merge" utility that was introduced with SCM version 13.0.3 will help to avoid this problem by giving a visual representation of both the source and target folders before executing the merge so that you will be able to see if such conflicts exist and resolve them.