Dynam Catalog sharing between 7.0 and 7.1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We currently have several z/VSE systems running and sharing a CA Dynam 7.0 catalog. We are upgrading a test system to 7.1 and would like to be able to share the same CA Dynam catalog, CAICATL, with the other 7.0 systems. Is this possible?


See the 7.1 Install steps 13 and 14. As part of the 7.1 install, when upgrading from an earlier release, a DYNCAT RESTORE REORG needs to be done. A backup tape of the 7.0 CA Dynam catalog is used as input to the DYNCAT utility for a RESTORE REORG. The REORG is done on a system which has been IPLed with the new 7.1 code active. Verify after CASAUTIL initialization that 7.1 is running. Following the REORG, the catalog may be shared with the 7.0 systems. Note that the daily maintenance runs, such as DYNCAT BACKUP, SCRATCH, etc. should be run only on the 7.1 system. Reporting may still de done on any system.