dxserver will not start - Invalid sequence warnings.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A previously working EEM system no longer works after a unexpected reboot.  The dxserver process fails to start.  The logs contain errors such as

"[64] 20160621.105822.055 WARN : Invalid sequence number 64766, should be 11356"


The two files in /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CADirectory/dxserver/data/itechpoz no longer seemed to have the same date and time stamp as one another.

-rw-r-----. 1 dsa etrdir 256000000 Jun 22 14:35 itechpoz.db

-rw-------. 1 dsa etrdir  12800256 Jun 21 12:35 itechpoz.tx



Embedded Entitlements Manager 12.5.x



The dxserver database appeared to be damaged.  The best options would be to restore from the last good backup and then restart.  If no backup exists you can try to extract the valid current entries via dxdumpdb and then import them back in via dbloaddb.  This would over-write the existing database with the exported information.


dxdumpdb -f /tmp/foo.out itechpoz

dxloaddb itechpoz /tmp/foo.out


Additional information:

See the CA EEM Embedded Entitlements Manager Implementation guide for more details and command line syntax options.