During CA Spool first install how can I select a valid value for the COMCHAR initialization parameter?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The COMCHAR initialization parameter helps you specify a special character to identify CA Spool commands from z/OS MCS consoles.


To determine a valid value consider:

  • Issue the following z/OS display command:


  • z/OS then displays, in message IEE603I, sysplex-wide information about the command prefixes that are already defined for other subsystems in the sysplex.
  • Proceed to select a value that has not been used already as the first character of any command for any other subsystem that could be operating concurrently with CA Spool. Use the following chart as a guide on the possible valid values that could be used:

Range Meaning

X'4B' - X'50' . < ( + | &

X'5A' - X'61' ! $ * ) ; ÿ - /

X'6B' - X'6F' , % _ > ?

X'7A' - X'7C' : # @

X'7E' - X'7F' = ð

Additional Information:

During product install it is optional to provide a value for the COMCHAR parameter. In case you want to specify one a CA Spool main task recycle is required to update the COMCHAR initialization parameter value.