Duplicate Processes or Duplicate Steps in Processes

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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Customer starts seeing steps duplicated in processes or duplicate processes even though this has never happened in the past with these processes.

This behavior may be caused by a Clarity Background (BG) process that has not been completely killed. This may be consistent with your bg log that you sent showing that you restarted your bg services several times.

Steps for identifying and removing a lingering BG process

First of all, log in to Clarity and check that no job is currently processing, if any job is processing, wait for it to finish then pause it. Pay special attention to Time Slicing job, if it has a schedule to run frequently, pause the job schedule so that it will not kick off right away.

Next follow the steps below based on your operating system:

For Linux/Unix operating system

  1. Go to the command prompt on the Clarity application server
  2. Run the following command: ps -ef|grep java
  3. Look at the output to see if there are more BG processes running than there should be on that server
  4. If you see more processes than you should, do the following:

    a. Use the "niku stop bg" command to stop all BG processes on the server
    b. Run the command from step 2 again and kill the BG process that remains
  5. Restart the BG service(s) for that server
  6. If you have more than one Clarity application server, repeat Steps 1 to 5 for all servers

For Windows operating system

  1. Download the Microsoft Process Explorer program from the internet to the Clarity server and install it. If you have more than one servers that run BG you will need to install the program on all of these servers
  2. Stop all BG services; there is no need to stop the App services
  3. Check the status on BG to ensure they are stopped, launch the Process Explorer application
  4. Sort by the Process column, look for all rows showing 'java.exe"
  5. Right click on each row, click on Properties, place your cursor in the Command Line field, press the Home key on your keyboard, hold down the Shift key, then press the End key. This will highlight the whole line, copy and paste it to Notepad.
  6. Repeat step 5 for all java.exe rows
  7. Check the command line text for each of the java.exe row: look for any information related to BG. For example: "com.niku.union.bgp.NikuBGServer". Once found, kill it as at this time all BG services are stopped and no java.exe should be running from BG
  8. Start BG services one by one