Duplicate device entries exist for the same device in the UMP USM portlet after enabling application discovery

Document ID : KB000009073
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • Duplicate items appear in inventory after enabling "Application Discovery" in USM.
  • It seems as though Discovery Server cannot correlate the discovered applications to the correct robot
POSIX-Oriented Robots
  • The .dev files in the niscache folder of the robot contain the loopback address of the robot rather than its IP.
  • Discovery server therefore cannot correlate the devices.
  • The loopback address is used when the hosts file is not configured as per the documentation
    • https://docops.ca.com/ca-unified-infrastructure-management/8-5-1/en/installing-ca-uim/pre-installation-planning/configure-your-operating-systems#ConfigureYourOperatingSystems-POSIX-OrientedOperatingSystemPrerequisites
  1. configure the hosts file as per the above documentation
  2. restart robot
  3. clean niscache as perĀ TEC1408444
  4. delete unwanted duplicate entries from usm (make sure to untick "prevent rediscovery")

After the niscache is cleaned the .dev files are recreated with the correct ip address allowing correlation to work as expected.