DUMP TITLE=CAIENF/DB2 interface dump - CASR230F

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Last Modified Date : 11/09/2018
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 One of the DB2 started tasks appeared to be spinning and tso users were locking up and could not be cancelled off the system or could any batch jobs running. The DB2 tasks would not come down and had to be forced off the system to recover. It was noticed that the DEVLDIST started task had taken a S0C4 abend and produced a dump earlier in the morning. The dump title was DUMP TITLE=CAIENF/DB2 interface dump - CASR230F. Before forcing the DB2 tasks, dumps were also taken of them, as well as ENF and ACF2. 
The dump shows the abend occurs on the RESUME request because the RB passed is zeroes. In looking at the request that drove CASR230F, the originating asid was x'130' (DEVLWLMD). It was an EXECUTE PACKAGE request. The dump does not include the DEVLWLMD address space, so I can't interrogate the the call itself. 

The nature of the problem is the originating RB stored for the request was incorrect.  The changes to correct this are included in PTF SO04367. 
The changes to correct this are included in PTF SO04367.