DUMP TITLE=CAIENF/DB2 interface dump - CASR230F

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Last Modified Date : 08/10/2018
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11:46:47  +IDI0001I Fault Analyzer V13R1M0 (UI50245 2017/09/11) invoked by IDIXCM70/XPCABND using
11:46:47 SYS7A.FLTANLZR.PARMLIB(IDICNF00)                                                        
11:46:55  IEA794I SVC DUMP HAS CAPTURED:                                                         
11:46:55  DUMPID=001 REQUESTED BY JOB (WSCICSPO)                                                 
11:46:55  DUMP TITLE=CAIENF/DB2 interface dump - CASR230F             
The S0C4 abend occurred during the execution of a RESUME request from DB2TDIST for a task in the GR0BGENR address space. The RESUME request should have been issued with information gathered in the GR0BGENR address space by module CASR230K. The RB address saved was zeroes resulting in the S0C4. 
fix ST05635 attached to this case to address the S0C4 abend in CASR230F.