DUAS: upgrade fails "xargs: unmatched double quote"

Document ID : KB000113234
Last Modified Date : 25/09/2018
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Upgrading a Dollar Universe node to a higher version with the command "unirun -u" fails with the following error in the output: 

--> executing : find /dollar_universe_path/mgr -type f | xargs -i'{}' chmod u=rx,g=rx,o=rx "{}" 
xargs: unmatched double quote; by default quotes are special to xargs unless you use the -0 option 

--> !!! WARNING !!! 
-----> Errors occur during upgrade, stop here. 

# Procedure aborted. 
# -------------------------------------------------
The mgr folder of the instance contains files with a double quote(") in their name. Example of such a name "YDF*...... , or ABV*AAA or any other similar names.".
Delete or rename all files within Dollar Universe Folders that have a " in the name.