DUAS SAP: Variants and Jobs with special characters not handled correctly

Document ID : KB000111759
Last Modified Date : 22/08/2018
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1. Jobs cannot be executed when the VARIANT name in SAP is ENTREPÔT+7J and this name is used in Dollar Universe (problem can also occur on UVC).
DUAS accepts only the VARIANT with this name ENTREPÃ ”T+7J, which is the name that is shown in the listing of the XPB2 Uproc.
 If the name is forced to ENTREPÔT+7J than the uproc will abort with this error messages in their job log.

===================== SUBMISSION ERROR ===================== 
can't close job [UPR_SAP750_001]
BAPI error number : 059
id : XM
message : The specified job does not have any steps


2. It is impossible to open the variable list of a Variant with such a name.

3. The same problem concerns Jobname with special characters

4. The problem concerns exclusively caracters like 'ä', 'ë' or 'ù' but not '\' or '/' which are part of the standard ASCII code page.
Dollar Universe 6.6 or superior with Manager for SAP
This problem has been introduced in Dollar Universe with the implementation of the new RFC library in version 6.6.x and superior

This problem should be fixed on Dollar Universe 6.9.61 which will be released 14th January 2019.