DUAS: SAP jobs trapped by SAP manager cannot be released

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Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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Some SAP Jobs released via Dollar Universe SAP Manager with the command "uxstr sap rls" fail to be released or are released multiple times at the same time.

sapjcs.log has this kind of errors while launching the command "$UXEXE/uxstr SAP RLS jobname="$SAP_JOBNAME" jobcount=$JOBCOUNT":

#  u_jobsap_release # [line 1186] cannot start job (SAP_JOBNAME) (JOBCOUNT) 
# agt_jobsap_trt_release # Cannot release job () 
# agt_jnl_del_job # Job (SAP_JOBNAME) (JOBCOUNT) not found in jnl file (0) 

Dollar Universe 5 with manager SAP 4.4.1 capturing SAP jobs in status Scheduled via the file u_sappar.
Modification of the SAP Profile attached to the user that launched the SAP job that added the ability to release SAP jobs.
Rollback the modification done in SAP User profile, in this case the permission that had been added "Ability to Release Jobs in status Scheduled" to the user BATCHS was removed.
Then apply the following procedure to reinitialize the SAP Manager files:

1. Shutdown the SAP Manager
2. Rename and save the following 3 files in folder mgr: a. uxsapevt.dat to uxsapevt.dat_bkp b. uxsaphst.dat to uxsaphst.dat_bkp c. uxsapjnl.dat to uxsapjnl.dat_bkp
3. Start the SAP Manager
4. Schedule in SAP the impacted job again and wait for it to be released by Dollar Universe again
Additional Information:
Please note that the issue could also occur in SAP Manager version 6, but the u_sappar feature is replaced by the SAP triggers.