DUAS: Job Event are not stored and cannot be displayed

Document ID : KB000120941
Last Modified Date : 13/11/2018
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Job Events cannot be displayed via UVC - Job Events or via the command line "uxlst evt".
Result is empty, but sometimes we see a Job Event in status Running and then it disappears once Completed.
Conditions depending on Job Events are not satisfied so Uprocs remain in status Event Wait.
Dollar Universe 6
Data file corruption of the Job Event data file of the concerned area u_fmlp60.dta
In order to fix the Job event display issue ( either by uvc or command line) issue, the u_fmlp60.dta file needs to be reinitialized.

To do so, perform the following in Unix: 
1. Login as the Dollar Universe administrator user
2. Load the Dollar Universe environment
. ./unienv.ksh 

3. Stop the node

4. Backup the corrupted u_fmlp60 file: 
cp $UNI_DIR_DATA/exp/u_fmlp60.dta  $UNI_DIR_DATA/exp/u_fmlp60.dta.bak

5. Reinitialize the data file u_fmlp60 ( replace X by the impacted area)
$UNI_DIR_EXEC/uxrazfic u_fmlp60 X 

6. Launch a reorg:

7.Start the node: