DUAS 6:.sh_history filled when unienv.ksh is used

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Last Modified Date : 04/07/2018
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Since upgrade from v5 to v6, the .sh_history of the system users with shell /sbin/sh keeps on being filled after sourcing the duas v6 environment, which may cause a file-system full and an impact in production. 


1. In order to reproduce, use an HP-UX Itanium server where you have a DUAS v6 installed.
2. Create a system user or use an existing one that has as shell /sbin/sh ( on my end it is festopa).
3. Empty / delete the .sh_history file which is found on the user's HOME ( on my end it is on /home/festopa )
4. Load the Dollar Universe v6 environment ( either unienv.ksh or $UXMGR/uxsetenv)
5. You will see that the file $HOME/.sh_history will contain 3104 lines every time the environment is loaded, caused by script unigeneric that is called within the unienv.ksh 
Issue reproduced on HP-UX but could be present on other Unix Systems
unienv.ksh calls 
Immediate workaround: purge regularly the $HOME/.sh_history file
Long term solution: modifiy unienv.ksh so that it does not source unigeneric script:

After line 25 (export U_CONF_VAL=${UNI_DIR_ROOT}/data/values.xml), add these lines: 
#modification to avoid calling unigeneric 

And comment the following line: 
. ${UNI_DIR_EXEC}/unigeneric 

so that it looks like this: 
#modif to avoid calling unigeneric 
#. ${UNI_DIR_EXEC}/unigeneric 
Additional Information:
This problem should be fixed in an ulterior version of Dollar Universe 6