DTS failure: E (400) Failed to open output data <d:\CA\DTS\R2uhdp1a\1agdphe0.dts> error=<Permission denied> [SDM228430]

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  • All the SD jobs sent to the agent computers having the DTS plugin installed and having the Download Method for the agent set to 'DTS - NOS-less' fail with the following error message:
    DTS failure: E (400) Failed to open output data <d:\CA\DTS\R2uhdp1a\1agdphe0.dts> error=<Permission denied> [SDM228430]

        Note: The path <d:\CA\DTS\R2uhdp1a\1agdphe0.dts> may vary as it depends on the installation.

  • If the agent download method is changed to 'Internal - NOS-less' the error does not occur and the SD package can be successfully delivered.
  • The problem occurs either delivering software to agents directly linked to the Domain Manager or depending on a standalone scalability server.


  • Client Automation 12.5 and above.
  • The information in this document is also applicable to previous of the product (DSM 11.x and ITCM 12.0.x).


  • The Domain Manager is receiving that error from Agent or SS machine.
  • When a DTS transfer is happening from the Domain Manager to the agent computer, the Domain Manager gets a message saying that the responder (in this case the agent computer) it not able to open a file to write into the data coming from the initiator (in this case the Domain Manager).
  • The most likely cause for this problem to occur is that the following configuration policy:
    /Domain/Control Panel/Configuration/Configuration Policy/Default Computer Policy/DSM/Data Transport Service (DTS)/Data Transport Agent Plugin/Staging directory location
    contains the path to an non existing folder on the agent computer.


  • Make sure that all the agent computers having the DTS agent plugin installed and the download method set to 'DTS - NOS-less' have the folder set in the previous policy available in their local hard disks.
  • If this is not the case, then open a support ticket to track this problem.