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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How we found and calculate the F1CREDT for Object O02025 in DTOC4SYS ? 


Mapping the OBJECT=DTOC4SYS we obtain 


VOLSEQNO DS  BL2    +74    

DS1CCRED DS  XL3    +76                       

CREDT    DS  XL3    +76     Create Date       

F1CREDT  DS  XL3    +76     Create Date       

DS1CEXPD DS  XL3    +79     Expiration Date   

F1EXPDT  DS  XL3    +79     Expiration Date   

DS1EXPDT DS  XL3    +79     Expiration Date   



So at the +76 we get the F1CREDT - create date - which is in the following format:

DJDB -- Date in Julian Discontinuous Binary format

           FL3; i.e., FL1'YY',FL2'DDD'

           YY is the number of years since 1900.

           DDD is the day within the year.

           Dates within the VTOC are in DJDB format.

           Max valid date in this format is yr 2155 day 365 (x'FF016D')


           Invalid date will contain yr 2155 day 999 (x'FF03E7')