DSM GUI - Missing Boot Server folders for one Scalability Server

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Last Modified Date : 28/05/2018
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Boot Server for one particular Scalability Server is missing in ITCM GUI.
The Boot server folders of this scalability server are missing in ITCM GUI.

Example :
In this example the folders
Boot and OS Image Staging Library
OS installations

are missing on Scalability Server JY_PC5 :

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This problem could be caused by corrupted/incorrect or missing .xml files under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\CCSM on the Scalability Server.


1- Stop caf on the scalability server :
caf stop
2- Copy the 5 xml files (bootinfo.xml, breqinfo.xml, bsinfo.xml, btinfo.xml, osinfo.xml) located under C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Server\SDBS\inst into C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\CCSM
3- Edit with notepad the file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\CCSM\plugins.xml and replace all lines by these lines :

<plugin type="bscompwol" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bsstartpxe" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bssync" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bscompserve" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bsbreqinfo" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bscompremove" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bscompcancelinstall" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bscompinstall" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bsbtinfo" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bsosinfo" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bsinfo" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="bscompinfo" file="sdbsmstate"/>
<plugin type="ccnfsetparam" file="ccnfcsmplugin"/>
<plugin type="ccnfreportdelta" file="ccnfcsmplugin"/>
<plugin type="ccnfreportfull" file="ccnfcsmplugin"/>
<plugin type="ccnfparamrequest" file="ccnfcsmplugin"/>
<plugin type="bslocalreboot" file="sdbsmboot"/>
4- Edit with notepad the file C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\Agent\CCSM\states.xml and replace all lines by these lines :

<file nextrun="0">breqinfo.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">osinfo.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">btinfo.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">bsinfo.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">bootinfo.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">ccnfreportdelta.xml</file>
<file nextrun="0">ccnfparamrequest.xml</file>

5- Start caf :

caf start

After few minutes, the missing folders shoud appear :

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