DSAs do not start and are reported as in an inconsistent state

Document ID : KB000039811
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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One or more DSAs does not start and reports 'inconsistent,' or 'Error 13: The data is invalid', for example:

idmprv-ab-dsa-impd-co inconsistent 

idmprv-ab-dsa-impd-inc inconsistent 

idmprv-ab-dsa-impd-main inconsistent 

idmprv-ab-dsa-impd-notify inconsistent 



There may be PID files left over from a previous run that still exist after an unexpected server restart.

Go to this location on the Directory Server...

Unix: $DXHOME/pid

Windows: %DXHOME%\pid 

...and delete all the files you see in there.

Attempt to start your DSAs. This should solve the problem and create a new PID files..

Normally, when a DSA shuts down it removes the PID files and creates a new one upon start up.


Additional Information:

If you are using CA Directory r12.0.18 or higher, you can resolve the issue by running the following command, from within the dxhome location ($DXHOME  or  %DXHOME%):  dxserver forcestart <dsaname>

You can verify the CA Directory version by running the following command: dxserver version