DROP IMPACT does not list some PLANS. Why are some PLANS not listed in this report?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Sometimes the DROP Impact Report does not list PLANS that are clearly present in the catalog and associated with the object in question. Why are some PLANS not listed in this report?


The DROP IMPACT(DI) command in RC/Quey is used to advise the user about the expected catalog impact that a DROP of a given object will have on the dependant objects.

The DI reports only list a PLAN in the report when it has been marked as invalid as per the IBM DB2 Administration Manual. If the plan is bound without packages and a DBRM of the PLAN references a dropped object, then the PLAN will be listed.

If the plan consists of packages then the Plan is never considered invalid when package dependent objects are dropped.

See the DB2 Application Programming and SQL Guide, V11, Section "Automatic rebinding" which contains a list of reasons why Plans and Packages can be marked Invalid and rebound later if autobind is enabled.

See also the DB2 Administration Guide V11, Chapter 3. Altering your database design.

Attention: The DROP statement has a cascading effect. Objects that are
dependent on the dropped object are also dropped. For example, all authorities for
those objects disappear, and packages that reference deleted objects are marked
invalid by DB2.