DQM errors when submitting jobs to logical queue via uxsubjob

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Last Modified Date : 26/12/2018
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Some DQM related errors may appear in universe.log when submitting many jobs to a Logical Queue pointing to multiple Physical Batch Queues via uxsubjob.

Example, launching  2000 jobs via the command uxsubjob against a Logical Queue with remote Physical queues may have 5 or 6 Jobs causing the errors in universe.log. 
Nevertheless, the submission works fine.

Errors in universe.log of the logical queue node: 
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=p.t| u_dqm_conf_exec_dist | dqm_lecture_directe_job returns 3 [XXX] 
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=p.t| owls_dqm_job_conf | u_dqm_conf_exec_dist returns 3 
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=p.t| process_fnc_conf | process_conf in error: 3 
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=p.t| u_dqm_process_client_requ | Error handling job request: owls_dqm_handle_job returns 104 

Errors in universe.log in remote physical queue node: 
|ERROR|X|DQM|pid=p.t| u_dqm_trt_que_physical | u_dqm_conf_exec returns 3 [XXX]
Unix / Linux
The root cause is related to how the load balancing is performed by DQM in case of uxsubjob submission
The Error messages will no longer be displayed in universe.log, they will only appear in TRACE level in case the Main Log Level is set to DQM_

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version: Dollar Universe 6.9.61
Component: Application.Server
Release Date: 15th January 2019