Downloading the Latest Version of ApplyPtf and Applying Maintenance to CA Output Management Web Viewer 11.5

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Last Modified Date : 02/08/2018
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A CA software utility called APPLYPTF must be used to install maintenance for CA Output Management Web Viewer r11.5 and earlier. APPLYPTF allows you to:

  • List the PTFs applied to the local or a remote node.
  • Apply a PTF to the local or a remote node
  • Apply a set of PTFs to nodes and/or master install images

Downloading CAZIPXP.exe (if you already have cazipxp.exe you do not have to repeat)

Note: the CAZIPXP.EXE utility will allow you to unzip your apars that are in .caz format

Installing ApplyPtf

  • Click on RO79605 ALL-WINDOWS APPLYPTF VER 3.1.4 AND UNIX VER 2.9.1
  • Scroll down until you see RO79605.CAZ
  • Click on the cloud icon and the right hand side of the page and save it in c:\applyptf  (for example)
  • Open a command line window on your server (Start->Run->cmd and press enter) and type: 

    cd \applyptf 
    CAZIPXP -u  RO79605.CAZ (or the name of the apar you just downloaded) 
    This will unzip all the files compressed in the CAZ file. 
  • Create the \ca_appsw directory if it does not already exist. To create the directory, run the command 
    install_caapps C:\ca_appsw
  • Copy files from c:\applyptf to \ca_appsw by typing 
    copy apply*.* c:\ca_appsw

You now have Applyptf installed.

Installing an APAR with ApplyPtf

  • For example, to download and apply cumulative maintenance RO97315 R11.5 SP00 LEVEL SET #4
  • Go to and put RO97315 in the search box.
  • When the results appear, choose the answer that includes download-center, for example:
  • Click on this URL
  • Click on Download solution and save the fix in c:\applyptf
  • Go to a command prompt on your server (Start->Run->cmd and press enter) and type "cd \applyptf"
  • Select APPLY PTF to local or remote nodes.
  • Select next
  • In the box labeled Apply OTF (filename), type the apar name followed by CAZ: RO97315.CAZ
  • Select next. You may accept the defaults for any other prompts until complete.

This updates the product on the server and the maintenance history file indicating that the apar has been applied.

We recommend that maintenance be applied locally when possible to eliminate potential conflicts with remote authorization and local history files.

NOTE : if you receive an error message such as Could not open RO97315.JCL,

  • Exit the wizard
  • Unzip the file manually by typing 

    cazipxp -u RO97315.CAZ 
  • Start the applyptf wizard again.
Additional Information:
APPLYPTF is used to apply maintenance to products that run on distributed platforms such as Windows, Unix or linux. Check your product documentation to determine if APPLYPTF or some other method is required to apply maintenance to your product.