Download the latest applyptf utility.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Download the latest applyptf utility.
To be used for applying 'applyptf-eligible' CA-patches there after.


How/where to download the latest applyptf utility?


You can download the latest applyptf through CA Support Online(CSO).
Below are the steps to go download and install the applyptf utility.

Download the applyptf utility:
Go to the she starting page:
Note: Login to CSO should the login-bar appear at the top of the page.
1. Click the (blue) button 'Download Solution'.
2a. Or scroll down to the 'Solution Downloads' section of this page.
2b. And click 'the cloud' under the 'Download' column (at the right).
>>> Wait for an email to be send by the 'download center'.

3. You'll receive an email from '' / 'FTP Download Request'
3. Open the email message and click on the appropriate link.
4. Login to the CSO-page.
5. From the 'Order' page, select/click on the order#, showing/to see the RO79605.CAZ file.
>> Click again to hide the order-info
6a. Click on the (blue) 'PREFERRED FTP' button.
6b. Click on 'FTP Via Browser'
6c. Click on the filename 'RO79605.CAZ' to start the actual download.

Additional Information:

Install the applyptf utility:
7. CD into the 'download folder'
7a. Extract the .caz file by running: c:\cazipxp -u RO79605.caz to unzip the .CAZ file.
7b. Create c:\ca_appsw folder, by running: install_caapps C:\ca_appsw
7c. Copy files from c:\applyptf to c:\ca_appsw by typing:
- copy apply*.* c:\ca_appsw
8. Add 'c:\ca_appsw' to the system variable 'PATH' (and logoff/login).

9a. Still from within this folder, run: applyptf (to install applyptf-itself(the first time)).
9b. Radio 'Local'/Next and 'Browse' to the RO79605.JCL file/open/Next.
9c. Hit 'Finish'/OK.
>>> Applyptf is installed now. Including Applyptf-64bit.exe