.NET Environment for Gen 8.6 Components

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Last Modified Date : 16/03/2018
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  In trying to upgrade from Gen 8.0 to 8.6, am getting confused at what .NET environment the generated applications will run in or is required.

  When I look at the Gen 8.6 Technical Req document I downloaded in March 2017, the .NET environment listed is 4.0. When I look at the current Tech Req document for Gen 8.6, it lists the .NET environment as 3.5. Which .NET environment is needed for Generated applications ? Is it dependent on which version of Visual Studio we use for the application compile, link, and assembly in the Build Tool ? Is there an option that can be set to designate the desired .NET environment for the application?

  Also the document has a note in it stating that "CA Gen .NET applications require a .NET v2.0 Application Pool". Is that for ASP.NET clients only or does that apply to component services C# servers and .NET proxies also? Currently, the only Production .NET components which are deployed here are .NET servers and .NET proxies, no ASP.NET clients are deployed. All of the Production web clients are hand written and call either the C# servers or a Cobol/CICS server via a .NET proxy. The organization would like to do away with their .NET 2.0 Application Pools and have everything in 4.0 pools. Is that possible with Gen generated C# servers and .NET proxies?

  We just need a better understanding of which .NET environments are required for Gen 8.6 and I'm not able to easily discern that from the 8.6 documentation.
  It was a mistake to list .NET 4.0 as a technical requirement, and it has been corrected to .NET 3.5 in docops.ca.com. Also, Gen 8.6 is not dependent on the version of the Visual Studio (VS2010, VS2012 and VS2015 supported) but depends on the .NET framework installed. As of now we don’t have any option to choose the .NET environment for the generated application but to use only .NET 3.5 which is essentially 2.0 under the hood.

  For the Gen 8.6 version .NET generated applications having servers whether it is component services or proxies can only use the .NET v2.0 Application pool and has no scope to use 4.0 pools.

  But I do have some additional information I can share. There is a PTF in the works, RTA86103. RTA86103 is currently in test. There is no release date for this yet. I believe that once RTA86103 is applied, .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 will no longer be used with Gen 8.6. Only .NET 4.0, including using the .NET 4.0 application pool. You can still use .NET 2.0 Controls, which are compatible with .NET 4.0. All of the .NET runtimes that we provide are being rebuilt with the .NET 4.0 Framework and are included in RTA86103.