dot NET Proxy Over MQ and commcfg.txt Syntax for MQS and MQSC

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Last Modified Date : 02/04/2018
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There's one question below I'm looking for an answer to. 

The commcfg.txt file has comments in the '# TRANCODES #' section showing the syntax for running on a device with mq are: 
# For MQSeries (MQS) the format is: 
# <TRANCODE>=MQS {Queue Manager} {Queue Name} {Reply Queue Name} 
# For MQSeries (MQI-client) the format is: 
# <TRANCODE>=MQSC {Queue Manager} {Queue Name} {Reply Queue Name} 

I'm executing a test harness on my laptop that MQ client v8.x is installed on. The test harness successfully executes when using this syntax: 
and it also executes successfully when using this syntax: 

Does it matter which syntax is used on a device with only MQ client installed? If yes, which syntax should be used.
Technically the MQSC is for connections where the QUEUE manager is remote and the MQS is for connections to a local QUEUE manager. 

It looks like we made a change in 8.5 to fix a problem where .NET clients could not connect to a remote queue (MQSC). That change may make the MQS vs MQSC unnecessary. In JAVA we don't use or pay attention to the MQS vs MQSC like we do in GUI clients. It appears we have changed the behavior of the .NET to be like JAVA.