Doing a CA Common Services DATACOM/AD installation. What are CUSLIB and CUSMAC, and where do they get created?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am going through the installation of CA Common Services 14.1 using CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM). 

The install of CA Common Services included FMIDs: CAADF00, CAAXF00, CABDF00, CAVEF00, CAVQF00 and CAYTF00, none of which are documented in the Common Services Installation Guide, but in CA CSM they do appear under Common Services in the software catalog.

I am going through the installation manual for Common Services there are references to CUSLIB and CUSMAC. Neither of these data sets were created during the install, but I do have a CAAXLOAD data set. 



What are the CUSLIB and CUSMAC data sets, and where do they get created? What did I do wrong?



First it needs to be clarified that the above mentioned FMIDs are not part of CA Common Services, but rather are delivered with CA Datacom/AD 15.0

While it is true that the download/acquisition of CA Common Services r14.1 S1401 includes the CA Datacom/AD 15.0 package, it needs to be clear that the Datacom/AD package is a stand-alone CA Datacom/AD installation. This is why you will not see any of the FMIDs documented in the Common Services installation manuals. The Datacom/AD package is included because it may optionally be used by one or more CA Common Services (eg. CAIENF and Event Management). This is why there are references to the Datacom CUSLIB and CUSMAC data sets in the CA Common Services Installation Guide.

So from a CA Common Services standpoint, the installation of the CA Datacom/AD package is only necessary for two reasons:

1. You will be installing and running CA ENF and need to record event records as requested by another CA Product.
2. You will be installing and running CA Event Management and will be defining calendars and message actions.
If the CA Datacom/AD package was selected for install, and the installation was completed, you would have a complete set of CA Datacom/AD target and distribution libraries representing the SMP/E environment.
yourHLQ.CAAX* - Target Libraries
yourHLQ.AAAX* - Distribution Libraries
On the other hand, the Datacom CUSLIB and CUSMAC data sets are not SMP installed/managed data sets, but rather allocated and populated during the building of a Datacom/AD MUF.

If it is determined that there is a need to install CA Datacom/AD please follow the CA Datacom/AD documentation. You may also review knowledge document TEC1813699 that outlines some specific steps relating to ENF's use of Datacom/AD 15.0.