Does SPECTRUM take into account 64 bit attributes when calculating interface utilization? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS30458 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SPECTRUM 8.1 only supports 32 bit attributes in the calculation of the utilization attributes (ie. load, packet rate, discard rate, error rate) by using SpectroWATCHes. If you have a high throughput interface, you may see counters wrapping often. 

In SPECTRUM version 9.0, the interface utilization has been enhanced to account for interfaces that are 64 bit.  SPECTRUM no longer relies on the SpectroWATCHes for the interface calculations of load, packet rate, error rate, and discard rate. There are now internal processes (inference handlers) that do the work.  The main reason for this is for performance.  The inference handler is very efficient and does not require as much overhead as a SpectroWATCH.  The inference handler also does an assessment to see if the interface is 32bit or 64bit and uses different attributes depending on what it supports.  There is no setting or modification that needs to be done to tell SPECTRUM to use the 64 bit attributes.  The only requirement is that the device/interface is modeled using the SNMPv3 community string.  If the SNMPv1 community string is used, SPECTRUM will not be able to retrieve the 64 bit attribute values needed for the calculations.

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The 64 bit attributes are only supported on standard interface modeltypes that are derived from Gen_IF_Port (ie. Serial_IF_Port) and CSIIFPort and is not supported on non standard ports (ie. DLCI_Port)

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS30458 )