Does Spectrum support Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks (DMVPN)?

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Last Modified Date : 30/01/2019
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Does Spectrum support Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks (DMVPN)?

Our network is beginning to implement DMVPN. It does not appear that our current Spectrum product supports modeling DMVPN.


Yes, Spectrum discovers DMPVN networks as part of the VPN Manager solution from release 10.3.1 and later.

Q. What is required?
A.  The Cisco NHRP mib must be configured and enabled. 
To verify NHRP MIB status:

sh snmp mib nhrp status 

You will see a response whether the NHRP mib is enabled or disabled:

NHRP-SNMP Agent Feature: Disabled 

If it is disabled, you need to enable the NHRP mib:

enable NHRP-SNMP agent

Check the status again, and you should now see:

NHRP-SNMP Agent Feature: Enabled 

To check your NHRP mib configuration, you can run:

sh run | inc nhrp

Reconfigure the Cisco HUB device in Spectrum (Right click, Reconfiguration - Reconfigure Model)
Navigate to the VPN Manager Component Detail view and run the VPN Discovery.
The DMVPN networks will be discovered and listed under 'VPN Manager'
Click on the network and check the Topology view within VPN Manager.

Q: Does 10.2.x or 10.3.0 support DMVPN?

A: No it does not.  You must upgrade to 10.3.1 to take advantage of DMVPN functionality.

Additional Information:
10.3.1 Documentation Information for DMVPN: